Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Rodney Hard (on left) training with Captain James Hohlfeld.

Rodney Hard receiving his rank of Specialist 5 from Major Burdick.

BY:  Dr. Rodney T. Hard

I was the son of Theodore and Grace Hard, Orthodox Presbyterian Church missionaries to Korea.  I lived in Korea for a total of twelve years prior to joining the Army.  I was in Wenham, Massachusetts at Gordon College when I got homesick for Korea.  So, I joined the US Army to go back to Korea.  

I got issued orders for Korean Language School at Fort Myers, Virginia right near the Pentagon.  It was supposed to be a 50 week course but they made me test out of the class after ten weeks since I already spoke the language.

I was then sent to Interrogator School in Fort Meade, Maryland near the NSA Headquarters.

After graduating from that, I got orders for Korea.  I did two tours at 502nd Military Intelligence Battalion, Company A from 1969 through 1970.

The links on the right are to stories about some of my experiences as a young GI full of vim and vigor.