Black Belt Mel Pearson being hit with sledge

hammer by Master Rodney Hard.

Rodney Hard resists arrows being shoved into throat using Ki energy.

Master Robert Shultz breaking three concrete slabs on Rodney Hard who is sandwiched between a bed of sharp machetes and a bed of nails.  This feat won first place in the demonstration contest in a tournament in Silver Springs, Maryland and was featured in Inside Kung Fu Magazine. 

                 CHI GUNG TRAINING


By:  Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Internal energy manipulation techniques are known generally by the Chinese name CHI GUNG.  Since Rodney Hard began his training in internal energy in 1969 in Korea under Hapkido Master PARK Sung Jae, the Korean name of KI  will be used in this article for internal energy.

Master PARK told Rodney Hard and Lewis Hise that they would have to be celebate and practice their meditation and breathing techniques morning and night for six months in order to reach the first level of mastery in Ki.

That was not a problem for Hard since he was already celebate at the time but posed a more difficult problem for Hise, who was married and had his wife with him living off base.  In spite of that, Hard and Hise practiced their techniques and became quite proficient at internal energy manipulation. 

Rodney Hard continued to practice the internal energy breathing techniques taught by Master PARK and mastered many of the Ki techniques over the years.  He taught and demonstrated many of these abilities over the next forty years after leaving Korea.

Before becoming a chiropractor, he became an instructor of Touch for Health, which is a powerful healing technique that he taught to lay people to help their friends and families.  This technique uses acupressure and other reflex techniques to bring healing by balancing the energies in the body.

Hard took 100 hours of post-graduate acupuncture training  in 1980 and studied various other healing and energy techniques over the years including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and myofascial trigger point therapy.  Hard first started learning NLP word manipulation and hypnosis, to bring healing through the power of the super conscious mind, from Guru Lar Short of the Crysalis Institute in Mill Valley, California.  

Hard later became an associate member of the Kentucky Association of Hypnotherapists, where he learned more techniques and honed his skills.

In the early 1970s Hard traveled often to Denver, Colorado to train with Master Al Dacascos.  Among other things, Dacascos taught him Iron Palm training which is a striking technique that relies predominantly on internal energy.

Rodney Hard demonstrating internal energy in Dallas, Texas by letting students try to push arrows into his throat.

Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Rodney Hard breaking two wooden dowels with his shin.

Rodney Hard shattering three unsupported concrete slabs with a chop.

Rodney Hard and Sifu Al Dacascos in joyful reunion at the Gathering of the Eagles.  Hard and Dacascos were both asked to teach seminars at the gathering in Las Vegas.  

Lewis Hise at Hapkido school in Korea leading class in Ki breathing to develop internal energy.  Socks were worn in the winter time because it was freezing in the dojang.  The breathing exercises also helped warm us up.

Rodney Hard furthered his knowledge by training in Ki breathing positions from Master LEE Kyu Jang in St. Louis, Missouri.   Master LEE is a master of Taekwondo and Hapkido.  He is a Doctor of Acupuncture and a master of KI.  He was a former Korean Secret Service bodyguard to President PARK Jung Hee in Korea. 

Rodney Hard demonstrating breaking techniques in Dallas, Texas by breaking three unsupported concrete slabs in the air and then breaking a stack of boards.

Rodney Hard practicing Ki breathing positions taught to him by Master LEE.

Rodney Hard teaching Iron Palm conditioning techniques at a

Karate school in St. Louis, Missouri.

Grand Master PARK Sung Jae demonstrating Ki breathing exercise with Rodney Hard (checkered top) translating into English.

Rodney Hard teaching unbendable arm technique to Black Belt Mel Pearson.