Master Lee explaining energy techniques to Master Rodney Hard and Black Belt Dennis Cummings during an informal get together at Hard's house.

The young man told me that a deep fear and depression had overcome him when he realized that he may be stuck with this problem.  He thought and thought about the situation until it finally dawned on him that the only possible way this could have happened was when Master Lee touched him.   He had returned in hopes that Master Lee would forgive him and possibly be able to undo the damage.

Master Lee did some kind of acupressure techniques on the young man and fixed his problem.  The  young man thanked Master Lee profusely with tears of joy in his eyes as he left.

I would not have believed anything like this was possible had I not seen it with my own eyes.

Master Lee asked me if I wanted to learn Dim Mak.  He said that he would teach me.  He said that it would take years, but he was willing to teach me.  I declined his offer for several reasons. 

My mental disposition is not geared to deliberately hurting someone like that.  It is probably my Christian beliefs that steered me away from wanting to learn something like that.  I am not saying that I would not hurt someone in self defense.  I have done that on a number of occasions.  It was just the idea of premeditatedly causing harm or potential death to someone that stopped me from accepting his offer.

Besides, my plate was full.  I was deep into studies at Logan College of Chiropractic and I had taken the Hippocratic oath to do no harm.  Have I since regretted that decision?  Absolutely not.

Dr. Rodney T. Hard

                                Death Touch

By:  Dr. Rodney T. Hard

I had read many accounts of the supposed existence of Dim Mak, the "Delayed Death Touch", but, I did not believe this legendary technique was really practiced by anybody.  The stories told of masters who could touch someone on a specific place on the body and the victim would fall over dead or get very ill several days later.  

Many skills and abilities of legendary masters have been embellished and exaggerated in books and movies over the years for the sake of a good story.  Well, what I am about to tell you is not a tall tale.  This is the truth with no embellishments or exaggerations.

In 1980, when I was running several Karate schools in St. Louis, Missouri, I hired a Korean martial arts master to run one of my schools.  Master LEE Kyu Jang had been in the Korean Secret Service and had been a bodyguard to President PARK Jung-hee when PARK was assassinated by his own security chief, on October 26, 1979.  Master Lee and all of the Secret Service came under suspicion and were purged from the service though there was no proof of their involvement.  Most went to other countries in disgrace as did Master Lee, who came to America.

Master Lee was a master of Taekwondo and Hapkido.  He was also a doctor of acupuncture.  He had grown up spending much of his time at his grandfather's clinic.  Both his grandfather and his father were doctors of acupuncture.  Master Lee had learned much about Ki energy, acupuncture meridians, pulse diagnosis, and treatments long before he went to acupuncture college and completed the four years of training.

One day, when I was over at my other Karate school talking over business matters with Master Lee, a young black man of about age 18 came into the school and immediately started talking disrespectfully to Master Lee.  He used a lot of foul language and challenged Master Lee outright.

Master Lee kept his calm composure and listened to the tirade for awhile.  He then reached over and touched the young man on the chest with one finger.  "You must leave now." he told the young man.  The rude man stopped talking and looked a little confused.  He then turned around and walked out of the school.

Master Lee then turned to me and just laughed.  I asked, "How did you put up with that?  I was wondering when you were going to put him in his place and physically remove him from the school."

He chuckled again and said, "I just screwed up his sex life.  By tomorrow he will be very sick and his 'plumbing' won't work.  I gave him what he deserves."

I looked at Master Lee in disbelief.  "You are joking with me."  I said.  He insisted he was not.  He had disrupted the man's Ki energy in a specific way that would leave the man impotent.  I left the school thinking that I would really never know the outcome, since I did not know who the young man was.

About two weeks later I was back over at my school training with Master Lee when the same young man came into the school with a completely different attitude.  He immediately apologized to Master Lee for the way he had acted and begged for forgiveness. 

I asked him what had happened and he related how he had woken up the next morning feeling like someone had kicked him between the legs.  He realized over the next few days that he could not get any relief from the pain and he could not get an erection.  He had gone to two different doctors but was not able to get any help.  He said that they had no idea what was wrong with him or how to fix it.  Tests were done and drugs were given to no avail.

Master Lee demonstrating a special breathing exercise for building up healing Ki energy to one of the internal organs.  Master Lee went on to teach Rodney Hard many healing techniques, breathing exercises, and how to control the internal energy called Ki.

Master Rodney Hard, Master LEE Kyu Jang, and Master Bob Shultz at Hard's  home in St. Louis.