Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Theodore                John                    Donald              Jerome
   Lincoln                    Mary                      Jane                       Judy
             Eight of the ten children of Ernest and Anne Hard
Jane Hard, married to Dan Hayes, wrote Prepared By God, her memories of her older brother Theodore for the benefit of the children of Theodore Hard.  Jane was born on 09-07-1926 and died on 04-19-2013.

Gregory Hard was born in Korea and is the fifth child of missionaries Theodore and Grace Hard.  

​​Nelson was born in Korea and is the fourth child of missionaries Theodore and Grace Hard.  Nelson Hard writes POEMS OF KOREAN REMEMBRANCE in a style similar to the Haiku, some of which are featured below. 

Sterling Hard.  Ted Hard's oldest son writes Sparrow Soup about a prank he played on the girls in high school.

Grandma and Grandpa Vogel, Aunt Violet, Aunt Charlotte, and Uncle Evan

Ernest Hard, father of Theodore Hard and nine other children, being funny posing with a "stovepipe hat" that is literally a stovepipe.

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This HARD FAMILY section is dedicated to stories and features by family members and historical information on extended family members of the Hard family.

Greg's wife Janice Hard, Gwendolyn Hard (third child of Theodore and Grace Hard), Ian Hard (first son of Gregory and Janice Hard), and Grace Hard (mother of Sterling, Rodney, Gwendolyn, Nelson, and Gregory).

Janice Hard chronicles a thwarted kidnapping in the story below.