Dr. Rodney T. Hard started his martial arts training in Judo (Korean Yudo) at the age of eleven in 1960 in Pusan, Korea.

2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo

2nd Degree Black in Shotokan from the American Karate Association  

2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo from Tracy's International Schools of Self Defense

5th Degree Black Belt from the World Martial Arts Federation

5th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido

Grand Master (and co-originator with Robert Shultz) of Soo Hwa Kung Fu

Co-originator (with Master Lewis Hise) of Soo Hwa Hapkido

‚ÄčSOO HWA (Korean pronunciation of WATER FIRE)

Rodney Hard teaching Judo in high school at Korea Christian Academy in Taechon, Korea. 

Rodney Hard in early 1960s throwing an opponent in a Judo school in Pusan, Korea.

Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Grand Master of SOO HWA Rodney Hard

Rodney Hard, visiting Hapkido master Mike Wollmershauser, and Soo Hwa Kung Fu co-founder Robert Shultz at Tracy's Karate School in St. Louis, Missouri in about 1976.