Grand Master PARK Sung Jae in 2009

Grand Master PARK demonstrates defending against three oppenents trying to hold him.

PARK Sung Jae demonstrates winning a push contest against six men.

The Brazilian military erected a special monument in honor of Grand Master PARK Sung Jae and his achievements.

What I Learned: 

I learned that mastering martial arts was not just mastering your body and your mind.  I realized that there were many other paranormal abilities that one could master if given the right instruction. 

Hise and I learned the internal energy breathing techniques taught by Master PARK and mastered many of the Ki techniques over the years. 

                             Master of Ki

By: Dr. Rodney T. Hard

What sets Grand Master PARK Sung Jae apart from other Hapkido masters is that he is a master of Ki (internal energy)(also known as “Chi Gung” in China).  Having studied and mastered acupuncture, Kiop, and many Ki energy development and control techniques, PARK has been able to demonstrate his prowess on many occasions. 

He teaches that Ki can be built up in your body by the use of the sun, by the in-taking of minerals, by herbs, by being and training in certain locations (power spots, vortexes, some mountains, some waterfalls, etc.), by breathing exercises, by visualization and intent, by Kiap (yelling or shouting techniques), by certain movements, by impartation from someone else, and by the words of Jesus Christ.

Following are some of Master PARK’s demonstrations witnessed by Lewis Hise and Rodney Hard while in Korea for two years from 1969 through 1970:

He ate and swallowed glass bottles and light bulbs without any harm coming to him.

He ate fire.

He would stick bicycle spokes through his arm with no bleeding or signs of pain and lift heavy buckets of water attached by rope to the spoke in his arm.

He shattered boards, rocks and bricks effortlessly with his hand, fist, or finger.

With the tip on one finger, he poked Rodney Hard in the chest knocking him across the room and onto the ground writhing in pain and gasping for air.  

You could hit him anywhere on his body as hard as you could and it would not faze him.  

He would demonstrate getting very heavy so that three or four people larger than he was could not lift him or budge him.  

He demonstrated unbendable arm in which several strong people would try with all their might to bend his outstretched arm or bend his wrist to put a joint lock on him.

He would outstretch his arms and stand there relaxed and calm with people trying to bring his arms down to no avail.

Master PARK once was put in three police hand cuffs at once and broke all three of them at one time to escape.

The most amazing demonstration Lewis and Rodney witnessed was when Master PARK held a rope in his mouth, standing upright, with the other end attached to the front bumper of an Army Jeep.  The Jeep had six kids standing on the back bumper to weigh it down for better traction.  The jeep went into reverse but just spun its wheels, going nowhere.  Master PARK “rooted” his energy into the ground so that he was like a tree with roots.  The Jeep could not budge Master PARK.

He could also do the same Jeep or truck demonstration holding the other end of the rope with his pinky finger.

He had trucks roll over his mid section and also over his fist with no pain or injury.

He would hold the neck of a beer bottle in one hand and hit the mouth of the bottle which would shatter out the bottom of the bottle.  

He picked up an apple one day and told Lewis Hise and Rodney Hard that it could be used as a weapon to dispatch two opponents.  They asked him to demonstrate.  Master PARK held the apple between his thumb and forefinger and flicked his wrist.  One half of the apple sheared off as clean as if having been cut in half by a knife.  The half of the apple sailed across the room at such speed as to knock a chunk of cement out of the concrete door frame.  He was still holding the other half which could also be used as a projectile, but instead of throwing it, with a mirthful twinkle in his eye he ate the other half of the apple.

He was sitting at a bar with Hise and Hard one night in Seoul, Korea in 1970 when he was jostled by a passerby going into the adjoining room.  It happened again as the patron walked back the other way.  This happened again and Master PARK realized it was being done on purpose to instigate something.  On the fourth time he was jostled by the same patron, Master PARK grabbed him by the lapels with his left hand, and with his right hand, he held a thick shot glass in front of the patron’s face between his thumb and forefinger.  When Master PARK squeezed and broke the shot glass, the patron apologized profusely for his bad manners and asked for forgiveness.

Barehanded, Master PARK once put 32 hoodlums in the hospital during a single fight.  They had just beat up his good friend, so he went after them.  When the police and ambulances showed up at the scene, Master PARK was the only one standing, but the hoodlums were taken to hospitals in ambulances.   Master PARK's only injuries were fractured carpal bones in both hands called Boxer's fractures.  This was not witnessed by Hard or Hise because that happened shortly before they arrived in Korea in 1969.  But, Hard and Hise were shown and read the extensive newspaper article about the incident.  

When Master PARK was in Brazil, he used to demonstrate killing a pig with one blow with his fingertips that penetrated into the pig’s body up to Master PARK’s elbow.  

One time years ago when he was demonstrating that to a large gathering and TV crews, the pig did not die instantly but ran around squealing and spouting blood all over the place.  A pregnant woman who witnessed the demonstration freaked out and had a spontaneous abortion of her fetus.  From that day forward, Master PARK has refused to ever again do that demonstration.

In Brazil, he also demonstrated lying on and walking on shards of glass from broken bottles without injury or pain.

Grand Master PARK demonstrates escaping bonds of metal chains on Brazilian TV.

Grand Master PARK meditating in Korea to master his mind and body and to strengthen his internal Ki energy.

Grand Master PARK lying on shards of glass in Brazil.

Grand Master PARK taught the Brazilian military for years.

Dr. Rodney T. Hard