Supenny Uraiklang and Rodney T. Hard on their wedding day on December 17, 2006.


Dr. Rodney T. Hard

                       MY WIFE PENNY


I married Supenny Uraiklang on December 17, 2006 at her restaurant, China Inn, in Louisville, Kentucky.  My father, Reverend Theodore Hard officiated.

Over the years, I have continued to find out more and more about 'Penny' and her fascinating history.  I get great enjoyment out of listening to her stories and watching how animated she gets while telling them.

The purpose of this section of the website is to tell her stories and leave a legacy for her kids and grand kids.  

Some stories will be retold by me from my memory and perspective.  

I will attempt to present other stories from her perspective.  In these cases, I

will edit the stories.

The video links will have clips of Penny actually telling some of her stories.