Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Typical Korean open air market scene with "moo" (Korean giant radish) being sold to make a kind of spicy side dish called Moo Kimchee.

Korean open air market.

Pigs were fed rice wine until drunk and asleep so that they could be tied to the back of a bicycle to be taken to market.  My father and we kids more than once helped riders right their fallen bikes because the pig started waking up and began struggling.


By:  Nelson Hard 

Open Air Market 
Drunken pig athwart 
Reckless  cyclist risking limbs 
Kimchee’s piquant stink

A woman making kimchee and stuffing it into earthenware jars for sale at the open air market.

Bystanders help right a fallen bicycle loaded with cabbage for the kimchee makers at the open air markets.