Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Rodney Hard notes:  

Having grown up listening to his father and oldest brothers joust with word play incessantly, and after seeing his older brother Nelson's masterful poems being posted on this site, with much cajoling by me to contribute to the Hard legacy on this site, Greg sent me the above poem with the following e-mail:

“I offer the following as the youngest, clamoring for attention, and in the spirit of the following quote (not accurately remembered) from Mark Twain:  The works of the great masters (e.g., Nelson) are like fine wine, and mine are like water... but everyone drinks water!”  

Greg fairly accurately remembers the actual quote from Mark Twain in a letter to William Dean Howells, 15 February 1887: "High and fine literature is wine, and mine is only water; but everybody likes water."  

Seeing that he has critiqued his own work accurately, there is no need of further comment from me.

Greg and Janice Hard with son Ian.

Rodney, Gregory, Gwen, and Nelson Hard in Korea where they grew up as missionary kids.

A Poem By: Gregory Hard 

          OUR STORIES 
Our stories may seem quite surreal
To those without backgrounds Koreal
Or... maybe our brains 
Are distorted by pains 
And outhouse gas poisons ureal.  

Nelson and Gregory Hard