Dikes between rice paddies filled with water were the paths we had to walk at night to find the outhouse.

Small in with rice paper doors and porch.

The Juniors and Seniors taking a break.

Barron Hopper on the ferry boat to Jeju Island.

               PIG FEAST

By:  Dr. Rodney T. Hard

While attending high school boarding school at Korea Christian Academy, we took a Junior/Senior trip to Jeju Island off the southern coast of Korea.  There were only five of us in my Senior class and only a few more than that in the Junior class.

We took a train to Pusan and then a ferry boat to the island.  After a day of sightseeing as we made our way around to the south side of the island, we stopped at a small village and checked into a small inn. 

The inn had a small courtyard lit by one little 60 watt bulb.  The rooms had sliding rice paper doors with no latches or locks and all opened onto the porch facing the courtyard.

We all went to a little Chinese restaurant, the only restaurant in town, for dinner and feasted on pork egg rolls, sweet and sour pork, and several other pork dishes.

After dinner, back at the inn, my friend Steve Linton and I asked the inn keeper where we could find the bathroom.  She pointed in the direction of the rice patties next to the inn.  It was a moonlit night with no ambient city light to obstruct the view of the vast array of stars, but walking along the one foot wide mud dikes between the water filled rice paddies in the dark was still a challenge. 

We found the outhouse which had a hole in the floor you had to squat over to relieve yourself.  I went first but, before I squatted, I realized that something was awry.  There was a four foot long stick leaning against the corner, which was so unusual that I decided to investigate first.  

Steve and I discovered that the outhouse was built over a pig pen.  The pigs had grown up to full size now, so you had to use the stick to poke the pigs' snouts to keep them away from your underside as they fought for positioning to get their next meal directly from the source.  That is about as delicately as I can explain the situation.  The irony of me having just pigged out on pork hit me hard enough to make me sick at my stomach.

After relieving ourselves, Steve and I went back to the inn.  Two of the girls asked us where the bathroom was.  Steve and I looked at each other, hesitated a moment contemplating whether we should tell them about the pigs, and then pointed in the direction of the outhouse without any further explanation.

We waited with baited breath listening for a reaction from out in the dark and were rewarded with the most blood curdling screams we had ever heard.  Needless to say, those girls did not talk to us for the rest of the trip. 

Rodney Hard on the left with his graduating class.

Dr. Rodney T. Hard

The waterfalls and small lake we swam in.

Towers of stacked stones under waterfall.

Jeju, the beautiful volcanic island.

Statues of volcanic stone guard the island.