Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Ted Hard (with backpack) remained active and energetic after retiring from the mission field.  He went hiking and camping in the Appalachian Mountans with son Sterling (Indiana Jones hat), son Rodney (military hat), David Baiocchi (sun glasses), and Joel Dufour.

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                    First born men of Hard family.
                    (Clockwise starting at top left)
    Ernest Hard, Ted Hard, Sterling Hard, and Michael Hard

Ted Hard preaching in the Philippines.

Ted Hard preaching in the streets of Korea.

Sterling Hard                Gwen Hard        Rodney Hard

    Gregory Hard         Grace Hard           Ted Hard        Nelson Hard

In memory of Rev. Theodore (Ted) Hard, a man of God, who preached the good news of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the United States, Korea, Philippines, and India.

                  REMEMBERING TED

Ted Hard was born on 09-11-1925 and died of cancer on 03-15-2009.

Anne and Ernest Hard, parents of Ted Hard

Lieutenant Ted Hard served his country honorably in World War II as a navigator on the B29 bombers flying missions over Japan.

George Hard  in 1903, Grandfather of Ted Hard