Dr. Rodney T. Hard

Sterling with his movie camera at the reunion.  The footage in the YouTube video on the left was shot with this camera

Looking up at my house.  The house on the right with the "X" marking the roof is my house.  In the first picture, Gwendolyn is sitting on the wall right right about where the red dot is.  This is where I stood, looking over the wall and contemplating the past.

                          PLAYING TAG ON THE WALL

                        Recollections During the Last

                        Hard Family Reunion in Korea

By:  Rodney T. Hard

 In 1970, while in the U.S Army, stationed in Seoul, Korea at Company A, 502nd Military Intelligence Battalion, I visited my childhood home in Pusan, 200 miles to the south.  It was a great family reunion. 

My older brother, Sterling, while on active duty with the U.S. Army Military Intelligence in Viet Nam, took a leave and came home also.   My younger sister, Gwen, was there.  My younger brothers, Nelson and Gregory, were also there.

This is the last time that my parents and all five of us children were together in one place at one time in Korea.

While visiting, I stood (about where Gwen is sitting in the first picture) looking over the wall admiring the view of the harbor as many childhood recollections passed through my mind.

One recollection of particular significance to this story was the memory of how we kids used to run around our walled in yard playing many games with the Korean neighbor kids we had invited in.  Many of the games involved serious rough housing with strong physical contact.  Many of them involved a lot of running and jumping.  As we all took winning seriously, we would often go to extraordinary lengths to get the upper hand. 

The ever present game of Tag came to mind.  I recalled the memory of being about seven or eight years old, getting up on the wall (in the picture), and running along it to avoid getting tagged and get past the pursuer.  I would often have to jump to avoid getting my foot tagged by the child below that was chasing me.  Mom came out and saw me once.  She screamed at me to get down immediately.  I rolled my eyes and mumbled to myself, "Oh, Mom!"

As I thought about that crazy, childish, dangerous thing I had done (more than once), and realized what could have happened to me so easily, I became physically ill.  As I looked over the wall, down at the roof tops below, I got nauseous and almost vomited.

Deep down in my very core, I truly believe that I and my siblings had many protective angels working overtime on our behalf.  This story is another example of how I would not be here today if God wasn't watching over me all these years.

My sister Gwendolyn sitting on the wall.  Notice how you are looking down at the rooftops below.